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Space in Siam Square Is another business under the Learn Corporation that operates on the belief that education can make life better

Learn Hub+ Co 

to be a part of changing and upgrading the quality of society through education. Which is a place that creates links from the Parties and people who see the importance of education (Connecting) resulting in self-development and others from learning and creating Create innovation, knowledge in various ways (Innovating)

Learn Hub+ 

Co Learning Space a great place. Everyone can come to find inspiration. Or find a new place of work that is not monotonous in a variety of areas Whether working, reading, reading, meeting rooms, many sizes to choose from To the large seminar room With full facilities for meeting or workshop in various ways


Is the place of people who love to learn Have developed themselves To deliver good value to society And the nation continue


A source of knowledge innovation for comprehensive education Combine modern information Is a source of inspiration for people who want to develop themselves And a forum for parties and individuals who see the importance of education or experts Conveyed to those who want to learn And to develop both sides together