LEARN Corporation Public Company Limited

is the leader in EdTech that adopts technology to develop and design learning to meet the needs of people of all ages, so they can develop their skills, achieve their goals, and be ready to pass on good things to others and develop society together to move forward into the future.

Leader in EDTECH


LEARN Corporation was established in 2006 with the vision to reduce educational inequality and distribute quality lessons to people across the country. Therefore, OnDemand was founded and became the top and first tutorial institute that uses computers as a medium for teaching and learning, with the most learners in Thailand. In 2017, LEARN Corporation recruited a former Data Scientist from a world-class technology company to join the technology team to develop an innovative learning platform that meets all the needs of people of all ages. Then Learning Ecosystem was created and has reached more than 2.5 million people across the country, divided into 3 business segmentation including:


Tutoring and Educational Guidance


Private School Management


Future Professional Skill Development and Learning Platforms

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Lifelong Learning EDTECH

LEARN Corporation uses EdTech as a tool to truly develop and create learning opportunities for the future, guaranteed by national and Asia-Pacific awards. It also supports those in need of educational opportunities with quality EdTech from the affiliates through activities and learning development projects by a group of new-generation employees who wish to jointly drive education to equally cover every part of the country. We all have the same goal which is to elevate Thai society through learning.

Vision, Mission, and Belief


To be a Lifelong Learning EdTech company.  We aim to enhance the capabilities of people of all ages with technology to create a sustainable and equitable learning society.


To improve quality of life through accessible learning innovation. We develop learning innovations to enhance the quality of life for learners to succeed, benefit others, and live a happy life.


Everyone has potential and can have a better life if given the opportunity to learn.

“We believe that EdTech is a business of the future that will help elevate learning and develop one's potential for success and happiness in their own way. Therefore, we never stop developing and expanding our business to grow steadily as a gateway to learning opportunities to continuously deliver sustainable happiness to society.”

Mr. Sathorn Uphanwan,
Chief Executive Officer, Learn Corporation Public Company Limited