Businesses & Services


Out - School: Tutoring and Educational Guidance

LEARN Corporation provides tutoring services through a computer system covering all levels and subjects for Thai and international students both domestically and overseas with quality lesson content from experienced teachers on the “Learn Anywhere” platform, allowing students to study anywhere and anytime. Moreover, they can also study at the branches which cover all regions of the country. The affiliates include OnDemand, Ignite by OnDemand, TCASter, Learnneo, Premier Prep, EduSmith, Code Genius, and APPA, Learn Education.

Chain School: Private School Management

LEARN Corporation manages a private school and develops the curriculum with EdTech from the affiliates. The curriculum covers both future skills and Cambridge International Assessment Education. LSP School is the first school under its supervision and that results in the most significant increase in the number of students since the school was established.

Professional & Skills: Future Professional Skill Development and Learning Platforms

LEARN Corporation provides personnel development services for organizations and those who would like to develop future professional skills with EdTech and experienced instructors, through online learning, workshops, or boot camps. It also provides a service to develop a learning platform or Learning Management System for corporate customers, which has been entrusted by more than 500 leading organizations or hundreds of thousands of people nationwide. The affiliates include Skoodio, Learn Bridge, and Degree Plus.