Learn education join the SET Social Impact Day 2019 “Partnership for Impact Co- Creation ออกแบบ ทางออก มหาชน”

Learn Education , social enterprise for Education in Learn Corporation co. ltd , created exhibitions in SET Social Impact Day 2019, under the theme “Partnership for Impact Co-creation”. Many visitors are interested in our exhibition. In Education issue seminar , Mr. Tanin Timtong ,Co-founder and Managing Director of Learn Education,, said that “ Education has to improve humans to be a better and happier person. This is our mission to build quality learning and reduce the education gap. What should we do to engage technology in developing Thai Education? The one solution isn’t enough to change. Every organization has to share and discuss to get more solutions for education problem.
The event was on Wednesday 17 July 2019 at 7th floor Sangvian Indaravijaya Hall in SET Buliding