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Skooldio, a leader in educational technology and development of work skills, suggests ways to help reduce skill gap, create potential that answers the business of the future by creating a BETA habit.
Skill Gap gap in Thailand at present The main reason is that the technology develops too quickly. Causing people to not adjust themselves Children do not work late. There is no knowledge that the business and the labor market need. This is a big problem for the working-age population as well as executives and businessmen across the country. Which can reduce the gap in those abilities Self-improvement in various fields Is always considered necessary
Dr. Viroj Chirapattanakul, Co-Founder and Managing Director of SchoolDio Co., Ltd., a leader in education technology and work skills development in the future In the sense that the person known is Version Trial, it is good. Which side is defective Will need to accelerate the development to be perfect in order to eventually lead to the actual version

Like workers and business people In a rapidly changing technology environment We need to develop ourselves to keep pace with the world. Lack of knowledge and skills which must be constantly searched Because if we develop ourselves to excel in all aspects, the Skill Gap problem or the skills gap and market demand will definitely be gone. ”
Skooldio is going to hold a “BETA Conference by Skooldio x True Digital Park” at True Digital Park (next to BTS Punnawithi) on 31 March. Come to share the experience and skills needed in the future, including Designs Technology Business and Data for People Manager, Developers, Designers, Entrepreneurs. As well as students And especially those who work in the HRD that require personnel development to be resources that meet the growth of the organization regularly
The top-up speakers in Thailand who will share experiences are as follows:

1. Dr. Suporn Suvankornkorn, a former researcher at Google Brain, one of the few Thai people who have the opportunity Speaking on the world stage like TED about the “3D Face Reconstruction”. Currently, the teacher is at VISTEC.
2. Darin Suttapong, a former leader of the Amazon User Experience team that has developed and Designing the user experience of Delivery and also being an advisor to many Startup companies in Silicon Valley. Currently, the Startup is named Indie Dish, an application for ordering healthy food.
3.Ms Sri Pattanasakul, a former designer from Stanford, who translated the book, ‘Life Design Guide with Design Thinking’ (Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life) Thinking
4. Pornthip Kongchun, the first head of marketing for Google Thailand and has brought Google business in Thailand to achieve the goal, including participation in many product developments such as Google Finance, Google Search, Google Maps. Now, start your own startup called Jitta Thailand.
5. Panchabpong Sermsawasri, or ‘Pan J’ Full-Stack Developer who has many experiences until receiving the position as Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies in Thailand. Currently, InsureTech is named Acrosure, a platform that helps insurance companies to provide Online business services through the Insurance API (Application Programming Interface) Gateway
6. Dr. Viroj Chirapattanakul, a former Data Scientist at Facebook who has experience in analyzing the data of many users in order to develop new algorithms and features to provide a better user experience. Currently, Skooldio has established the “Up Skill” platform for business organizations and Thai education levels. Through the development of skills that are necessary in the future
7. Arm Tang Niran, one of the most knowledgeable people in China Author of the book “China 5.0 Jin Ping, New Economy and the Great AI Plan”
8. Dr. Phuriphan Rujikachon, co-founder of Boonmee Lab and the owner of ELECT works in collaboration with The MATTER
At present, he is a professor of Data Visualization at the Faculty of Accounting, Chulalongkorn University.
9. Poet Wuthimphu Phat Phat, the owner of the 8-page line that serves half the brain Good knowledge and ideas To followers every morning Used to be the leader of PTT’s innovation team (ExpresSo) and is currently the leader of the 10X Project team at SCB
10. Twipanich Sombat, the famous Agile, Scrum in Thailand, in the name of Certified Certified Reseller, Scrum Developer, Scrum Product Owner, Scrum Professional and ScrumMaster. Currently Agile Coach is at ODDS.
11. Mantita Jinda, well-known in the digital marketing industry, or Khun Tip, founder of Digital Fan Page – Counting 1 to millions with online marketing Online teaching page, online marketing and also author of a book called “How to use Facebook properly, 100 times better sales”. Today, marketers are responsible for the Digital Marketing department and the Digital Communication department. Who is behind the success of the game show empire like Workpoint
12. Michael Athiwat Wong Waitsaiwan, who has more than 10 years of work experience at Silicon Valley, the location of major American and world technology companies such as Facebook, Google, Apple, Oracle and start-ups With all the technologies that are happening daily. Today is the Lead Consultant at ThoughtWorks, an IT consulting firm that has been famous for helping to drive the software development industry. Using Agile as being active in organizations around the world.
For those who are interested in joining the Beta Conference by Skooldio x True Digital Park to update their skills, prepare to work in the future. Which will be held on Sunday 31 March 2019 at 9:00 – 18:00 hrs. At True Digital Park (next to BTS Punnawithi). Or