"P Nhong On Demand" Share the experience of doing business from Fail To Success.

Suthee Assawiwimon (P’Nhong), co-founder and executive director of Learn Corporation Co., Ltd., shared experiences as a tutorial institute on-demand in the topic “Business Path from Fail To Success” at DPU eXplore Series. Experience PLAYFESSIONAL Which way do you want to “go to the end” with Khun Chuen Chiwanawongsri (co-founder of Globish) and Khun Thitipong Pisit Wutanan (CEO- and Co-Founder SkillLane) joined as a lecturer at the event at Building 7, Business University. Recently
DPU eXplore Series PLAYFESSIONAL Which way do you want to “go to the end”, arranged for university students from the Master of Business Administration to understand the E-Learning Platform and income generation from being a tutor? Including adjusting and dealing with start-up businesses as well as introducing ways to think about doing business successfully Throughout the event will share experiences from work and business building from the beginning of Phi Nong, to becoming On-Demand, a private education ministry that aims to this day.