New generation leaders from Thailand and ASEAN countries meet OBAMA to find ways to change for social development.

New generation leaders from 10 countries in Southeast Asia (ASEAN) including Khun Viriya Vichitwathakan, Chief Strategy Officer, Lern ​​Corporation Limited, the leader in educational technology in Thailand. And Educational Social Enterprise, Lern ​​Education Company Limited from Thailand, attended a meeting with Mr. Barack Obama, former President of the United States of America, to find sustainable ways to change and develop the society of the country.
Mr Obama always said, “Important social changes All starting with the new generation “which this meeting Started from the concept of Mr. Obama During the last year of his tenure See the importance of creating a new generation of leaders To create changes in all sectors And Mr. Obama himself wants to be a support force that will make the young generation have more voices in society.
This meeting has a new generation of leaders from 10 countries participating, namely Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Singapore, Myanmar, Brunei, Laos and Khun Wiriya Vichitwathakan, representatives from Thailand. Have come to share ideas and experiences That causes development Including raising the real problems that he had experienced to discuss and find solutions together Which has discussed the strengths that the ASEAN countries have: ethnic differences and differences in the language of the country But can be combined into one as well
Khun Viriya Vichitwathakan, a representative from Thailand, shared the guidelines for solving social problems that “The new generation still needs development and learning to increase the potential of being a leader that is both good and social. And think that the foundation Can help promote Can be an important voice for the new generation to have the space to show potential Including linking the network of people who do social activities in the same manner As a platform to exchange views of work Information and knowledge that will make various tasks more powerful and sustainable. ”
In addition, Mr Viriya said that “Mr. Obama Is a very good listener and makes sense that everything we say will be further enlarged so that the project can create activities that are useful to the new generation. After this meeting Makes them feel more motivated to work Want to do more useful things to society ”
This meeting is like an important starting point for the development of the country group. ASEAN by using the creative power from the new generation of people to become an important factor in driving society.