OnDemand Education Co.,Ltd

Brand Belief

On Demand believes that “education can help improve a person’s life And all children should be given an opportunity to study. “Develop, develop for children to define their own future and make their lives happy.

Brand Vision

Quality learning Learners with understanding Both in academic terms and in their own aptitude Have the opportunity to choose a profession that is suitable for themselves and for the opportunity to learn to others

Brand Mission

Create a learning system with innovation that promotes good academic Cultivate morality Train to work as And provide opportunities to create a good future


Number 1 of Tutor

 The first tutorial institute to use Computer


   we believe Education can help improve people’s lives. And all children should receive educational opportunities We therefore focus on the selection of our teachers. Until we have the best teacher team Graduated from national and global institutions Which has developed specific techniques in each subject There is a system for counseling that can make our students “understandable, can take the exam” on the faculty that is most appropriate. And we also have an academic team that develops more than 100 courses and supports