Learn education join the SET Social Impact Day 2019 “Partnership for Impact Co- Creation ออกแบบ ทางออก มหาชน”

Learn Education Co., Ltd., a social enterprise for educational innovation in the Learning Corporation Co., Ltd., co-organized a booth for activities in the SET Social Impact Day 2019 “Partnership for Impact Co-Creation of Public Design” which received Interested in exhibitors visiting a large number of activity booths. At the same time, on the educational forum on the topic “Design the route Create Thai children, “Mr. Tanin Timthong, co-founder Gave the view that “Education must make life better, useful and happy. This is a challenge. Especially the dimension of disparity That technology can help The problem is how to make technology to help develop the education system as a whole. And don’t forget that there is not one solution and answer social problems But must help in many ways Way to find a variety of solutions ” The activity was held on Wednesday, July 17, 2019, at the Professor Sangvian Indaravijaya Auditorium, 7th floor, SET Building.

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