Frequently Asked Questions

1.What does Learn Corporation do? What are the company’s goals?

We are a next-generation organisation. We are committed to improving Thailand’s education and innovative learning methods to be measurable, practical and learner-centric. We promote innovative learning opportunities and experiences to achieve sustainable prosperity for all ages in society. Our constant growth is based on our principle that “we improve lives through education”. We aim to expand learning opportunities for all ages. Our goal is to “help 1,000,000 people every year”.

2.Is Learn Corporation a school?

At Learn Corporation, we work on the theory that learning goes beyond classrooms, books, the Internet or university degrees. Learning has no limits. We, therefore, focus on expanding learning opportunities for people of all ages. Our goal is to “help 1,000,000 people every year”. To reach that goal, we have established various organisations to serve learners from kindergarten up to working age. We provide innovations to improve the potential of people of all ages, building their 21st century skills and helping them to pursue happiness.

3.What businesses does Learn Corporation undertake?

At Learn Corporation, we aim to expand learning opportunities for people of all ages. Our goal is to “help 1,000,000 people in 2020”. To reach that goal, we have established various organisations and designed innovations as follows:

  • OnDemand: OnDemand, Learn Corporation’s first business, is Thailand’s number one tutoring school that is highly trusted by students and parents. Over 500,000 students are enrolled at our 55 branches nationwide. The school is the first one in Thailand to have used the online platform in tutoring. Successful admission to top universities for over 15,000 OnDemand students who completed the 2018 TCAS examinations is one of our recent testaments of success.
  • Learn Education: Learn Education is Thailand’s leading education technology social enterprise. Our goal is to improve the standard of education and reduce disparity across Thailand. We use technology to help Thai youth become smart, kind and happy amid the fast-changing world. We currently have more than 150 schools in our network nationwide with more than 400 teachers and 50,000 students.
  •  Skooldio: At Skooldio, we promote lifelong learning through classroom teaching and online courses. We strive to help learners to attain most needed modern skills such as programming, data science, design thinking, digital marketing and so on. We also provide support to corporate clients to build the potential of their staff and to rise to the top of their industry.
  • TCASter: TCASter application provides information about the Thai University Central Admission System (TCAS) all in one place, making it convenient for students, teachers, parents, and universities to find everything they need. The application has over 350,000 downloads so far.
  • Ignite by OnDemand: Ignite by OnDemand will help you to succeed in gaining admission to your dream international program at one of Thailand’s top universities such as Chulalongkorn, Thammasat or Mahidol. Our academics develop and deliver the most effective tutoring curriculums and teaching methods, covering the core subjects of English, Science and Mathematics and other important skills.
  • Kidhero: Kidhero helps elementary school students build 21st century skills through state-of-the-art tools and fun activities that they can engage with actively. Children aged 5-11 can enjoy our programming course, leadership skill camp, STEM/STEAM camp and storying telling and presentation activities.
  • Ucademia is a website that gives counselling, knowledge and skills to university students. Only “good grades” do not guarantee a good job or a successful business. It is “skills and capability” that will take you further. We want to help you bring out your best and take you further by providing you “a space for self-learning”. The skills developed will help you enhance and are crucial for success in the fast-changing 21st
  • Learn Hub+: Our goal at Learn Hub+ is to play an important part in improving social standards through education. We connect various organisations, parties and individuals that share determination to improve their education. We promote self-development and development through helping each other by means of learning and innovating. Our co-learning space houses a work and study area, workshop rooms, meeting rooms and is a modern facility. It is a place for all to come and find inspiration to reach their goal.

4.Does Learn Corporation’s education business have the potential to grow?

In the current job market, being good at what you do may no longer be enough. It is 21st century skills that will give you an edge in this highly competitive modern world. Learn Corporation is the key to your future prosperity. Our organisation is driven by next-generation talent. Our team members are the brightest amongst their peers, having gained work experience from leading organisations in Thailand and abroad. With the aim of contributing to society, we design innovations to meet the needs of people of all ages and never stop improving our capability.

Innovative Lifelong Learning Ecosystem

We see the importance of an innovative lifelong learning ecosystem in creating sustainable prosperity for people of all ages.